What do we offer?

What does Oakfield Wood Wrabness Offer?

An Undisturbed Permanent Resting Place

Unlike municipal and other cemeteries where often a short-term lease only is acquired and graves can be subject to re-use, our burial grounds offer a permanent grave that will remain completely undisturbed.

Either Full Or Ashes Interment

We do not just offer full interment – we also inter ashes after cremation.

A Place For Friends And Family To Be At Peace

As the woodland develops it will become an increasingly attractive place for family and friends to visit.

A Beautiful Woodland Without Disruptions

Unlike traditional cemeteries that often fall into decay and disrepair there will be no unsightly broken or dangerous headstones.

A Religious Or Secular Burial

No particular form of service or any interment service is expected, the choice is left entirely to the family and can be formal or informal.

An Opportunity for Family and Friends to Reserve Adjacent Plots

If reservations are made together, we can ensure that loved ones are buried in adjacent plots.

Reserve at Today’s Prices

Reservations made today will peg the price at today’s level and will be evidenced by a formal numbered Certified receipt showing the right of interment.

A Hardwood Plaque inscribed with name and Lifespan

A hardwood plaque will mark the grave and can be replaced when it biodegrades.

A Site Management Scheme Approved By the Wildlife Trusts

Oakfield wood is managed in accordance with a scheme of management approved by WIldlife Trusts and the local authority to ensure its development for the benefit of Wildlife and Insects.

A Nature Reserve and Habitat for Wildlife

Our management schemes will ensure that each Woodland of Remembrance will grow into a nature reserve and sanctuary for Wildlife.