A Greener Alternative

Oakfield Wood Wrabness, is one of the UK’s oldest and most established alternative green burial sites. A beautiful and tranquil nature reserve, just a short walk from the picturesque River Stour on the Essex coastline. A welcoming environment of vibrant greens, leafy shade and a stunning blaze of colours will greet you within the woodland.

You will also be reassured to learn that Oakfield Wood Wrabness will remain as such in perpetuity, unlike most cemeteries that may eventually be re-used or developed.

Our Woodlands of Remembrance in Wrabness provide a very positive way in which to put life back into the environment following a death. The planet needs more broadleaf trees to help stem the deterioration of our atmosphere. It also needs more habitats for our our wildlife and insects and more undisturbed land for our rapidly disappearing flora and fauna. Core to the thinking behind Oakfield Wood Wrabness is the creation of a place of beauty and openness where those left behind will want to come and spend time to reflect and remember for generations to come.