Helping maintain Oakfield Wood’s natural beauty when visiting a loved one

Oakfield Wood is a nature reserve with a traditional English woodland, a distinctive environment that support many diverse ecosystems. In order to keep it as such and to retain its beauty and ethos we have a number of Guidelines which we would ask all who visit Oakfield Wood to kindly observe and adhere to. These guidelines form part of our policy.

  • The yearly cycle of seasons at Oakfield Wood Wrabness play a key role in the natural maintenance and sustainability of all the land within it. The grass is allowed to grow long late into the summer. We understand this may make some memorials difficult to find during this period but would request that burial plots are accessed using the nearest pathways so the grass is not trampled unnecessarily.
  • Floral tributes comprising natural flowers may be placed on burial plots at any time. All paper, cellophane, other plastic wrappings and ties should be removed from such flowers. Pots, vases or flowers set in oasis are not permitted. The Company (Oakfield Wood, or all subcontracted companies in direct contact with Oakfield Wood)  will remove wilted flowers from burial plots at such intervals as it deems necessary by management.
  • Any unapproved trees, shrubs, plants or flowers that are planted will be removed by the Oakfield Wood ground staff.
  • Except as approved by the Oakfield Wood staff in advance visitors should refrain from:
    • pruning, trimming, lopping, stunting, felling, uprooting, chemically treating or otherwise interfering with any trees, shrubs or plants on the Oakfield Wood grounds or excavating the ground in any way;
    • planting seeds, bulbs, plants or trees of any kind;
    • placing any soil or compost on any burial plot;
    • gathering any plants, wildflowers or their seeds or seed heads or
    • cutting the grass or flowers or removing any growth from the grounds including from or around a burial plot.

Our ground staff take the steps considered appropriate and necessary within the guidelines to maintain the environmental integrity of Oakfield Wood at its sole discretion. This includes the right to trim or remove any trees or bushes at any time. In the longer term any tree may need to be thinned or topped as the woodland canopy develops.

Visitors are welcome to bring their dogs as long as they are kept on a lead and that any mess/fouling is picked up.

If you would like a physical copy, or to discuss our guidelines please do contact us at